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Ladies and gents, I made some inquiries with Clint Lorance’s legal team to get a better understanding of the next steps, and I wanted to share this with y’all.

“Because this is a pardon, it does not erase Clint’s dismissal from the Army (officer equivalent of a Dishonorable Discharge). Nor does it restore Clint pursuant to Article 75, UCMJ, to the status quo ante.

All is not done, however, as we continue on two fronts simultaneously. 

First, our document for the President’s signature to “disapprove the findings and the sentence” may still make it to the President through our contacts on the East Coast. If the President signs that, BINGO, Clint is entitled to back pay, promotion, credit for retirement years while confined, and is technically back on active duty. 

Second, our two pending lawsuits in Washington DC (FOIA) and Kansas (habeas corpus) are positioned such that if we secure a victory on the hidden evidence, the case is thrown out and the findings and the sentence can be disapproved by the civilian Federal judge. 

In a larger sense, a court victory in civilian Federal court not only serves Clint, but also creates a legal precedent that stands to change the culture and mindset of the military justice system for all those future warfighters who come into contact with military justice officials.”

Let’s remember that there was a push to retrieve back pay for a deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, for which I have not seen any further news. I would tend to believe that this was somehow secretly done. If that is the case, then Clint Lorance certainly deserves back pay for his wrongful incarceration. To those claiming his men spoke out against him . . . well, the Army JAGs tried to get my soldiers to do the same against me. It didn’t work.

I want full restitution for Clint and for his name to be cleared, and that means his case, verdict, and all, be thrown out. And I will not rest until the US Army JAG officers who withheld the exculpatory evidence are held accountable and are disbarred.

As you know, our president took a further stand with regard to the case of Eddie Gallagher, and SecDef Mark Esper has removed SecNav Richard Spencer. We must stand behind our bold warriors!

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