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UPDATE: The Latest in the Saga of The Alamo Cenotaph

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Greetings, ladies, and gents, from College Station, Texas, as my week-long journey continues throughout the Lone Star State. Today I will hit the road and spend time in San Antonio and in Banderas, addressing more Conservative Republican organizations. There is a rallying cry going out across Texas, and true Texas Patriots are answering that call. It is no different from 184 years ago when Texans heard about the defiant stance and message from Gonzales, Texas, that resonates to this day: “Come and Take It.”

That is part of the Texas history that we must pass onto future generations. It is a history that we here in Texas must pass onto those new arrivals so that they realize just how special, unique, and distinct this place, Texas, truly is. It is disconcerting to me on so many levels that we find ourselves trying to not just educate on Texas history . . . but actually we are in a battle to preserve it.

I have shared with you previously about the endeavor of some to remove the term “heroic” from Texas State history books as a description of the defenders on the Alamo. We have told you about the insidious effort by the progressive socialist social justice chuckleheads to rename the capital city of Texas from Austin…after the founding father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin. And most recently we have shared the story about the San Antonio City Council, along with Texas General Land Office (GLO) Commissioner, George P. Bush, Jeb Bush’s son, to move The Cenotaph monument to The Alamo defenders away from The Alamo site.

Now, I have some good news to share, but it is accompanied by some incredibly disturbing news as well. There are times when you just have to say, YGTBSM, as what has been uncovered, I pray it is a rumor and not actual truth, is unnerving.

As shared via email by the Save The Alamo Committee:


We bought a temporary delay on Wednesday, December 4, when, after hearing vociferous testimony in opposition, the San Antonio Historic Design and Review Commission reversed themselves and voted 8 to 3 against granting the Building Permit for the removal of the Alamo Cenotaph. This result (largely due to our Lawsuit) was totally unprecedented and well nigh miraculous—the first time we have ever been successful in getting a State or City bureaucracy to reverse course and vote against the Bush Reimagine Plan. The first time we’ve drawn blood. There is to be another hearing by this Commission in one week. You can be certain that the members of the Commission will receive tremendous pressure from the Council Members who appointed them to support the building permit this time. More on this later.

However, during that hearing, it was revealed that not only do George P. Bush and the GLO intend on moving the Cenotaph outside the boundaries of the Alamo; they also intend to erect a statue of the dictator Santa Anna and a memorial honoring the Mexican Army! I am not making this up. We know that parts of the Bush plan were going to be horrendous, but it now looks like it will be worse than we ever dreamed.

Please redouble your efforts to assist with the lawsuit. That is the only way that this travesty will be permanently stopped. In all frankness I must tell you that up to now right at 200 people have carried the entire financial burden of this fight—almost exactly the size of the original Alamo garrison. That is outrageous. Where are the thousands of the rest of you who claim that you care and yet have not contributed one thin dime? Make no mistake, we will continue this struggle to the very end—with or without you.

We were always incredulous that the people of Texas could have let so few be the only ones to try and defend the Alamo in 1836. Well, it appears that history really does repeat itself. Just please do not have the gall to ever call yourselves Texans again if you continue to do nothing. If you continue to just stand by and watch George P. Bush desecrate the Alamo.
However, if you truly do care, we need you to join the army now. And that means send ammunition for the Battle in whatever amount. Waging war costs money, and this is war.

-Rick Range

P.S.—On December 18 the San Antonio Historic Design and Review Commission will be meeting at 1901 South Alamo Street to reconsider the granting of the Building Permit to move the Alamo Cenotaph. The last hearing was held at 3:00 P.M. They have not posted the time for this one as yet. We will alert you just as soon as the time is set. We need the largest crowd possible in attendance in order to get them to deny the permit once again. Please go if at all possible and take some other people with you. We must turn out for this hearing in even greater force than the last one. It is essential that we buy this critical time until we can get this case heard in Court in January.

For current updates, please visit our Facebook page.

Yes, upon reading this I became irate, and incredulous. This is no different from moving the Pearl Harbor Memorial from the USS Arizona to someplace on land and erecting a statue to Imperial Japanese Emperor Hirohito or Hideki Tojo at the same site. What level of insanity would drive anyone residing in Texas to do this? Again, I am praying that this is just a rumor, but this email was sent out by people who were at the hearing conducted.

I know that UNESCO has designated The Alamo as a world-historic site. It is a Texas historic site. Anyone entertaining the idea of erecting a statue to the tyrannical and murderous Mexican dictator, General Santa Anna, who commanded that every defender at The Alamo be slaughtered, and their bodies thrown into piles and set aflame, is abjectly delusional, and should not hold an elected position in the Lone Star State of Texas.

Furthermore, any Texas elected official not enraged by the offensive effort should be removed from office. I do not say these words without serious contemplation, but I am sick of this leftist revisionist history. These men we honor with The Cenotaph fought so that we could live here, in Texas. Santa Anna brutally murdered these defenders, including Colonel Fannin and his troops at La Bahia, also known as Goliad. Who, in their obviously deranged mind, would consider erecting a statue to such evil, in Texas? Yet, we have these progressive socialists who wish to destroy any and all monuments of our history known as the Civil War.

Yes, many of those whose monuments the left wishes to tear down fought for the United States in the Mexican War to ensure our growing United States of America was no longer threatened by Mexican incursions. Sounds familiar when you consider the incursions of the drug cartels.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I had the honor of guest hosting the Mark Davis radio show. During one of the segments, I talked about the issue with The Cenotaph. I have been contacted by many supporting this monument not being removed, and we shall indeed have a rally at The Alamo on March 6th, 2020 . . . 184 years after the fall of The Alamo. I want you true Texas Patriots to mark that date, and we shall indeed honor those heroic defenders who earned a distinguished place in Texas, and American history. I firmly state, The Cenotaph had best be in the very same spot as it is right now.

This is unconscionable, intolerable, and truly insufferable.

Remember The Alamo!

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