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Veterans, Beware of ‘Beto’

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Howdy, folks, from the beautiful Island of Cayman Brac and the Cayman Brac Beach Resort and Dive Center. It is Monday and we just finished doing three dives today. Guess what? We saw some things you normally just do not see during the day. The first was a 4-5 foot moray eel free-swimming and looking for a new hole. The second? Oh boy, two octopuses;* one was swimming along the bottom of a coral reef re-positioning itself, probably for dinner this evening.

When you scuba dive there is one thing you notice, fish are busy. They do not sit around and wait for welfare food . . . okay, unless you are a grouper following divers around hoping they kill a lionfish and feed to you. But, all over the ocean floor you see activity, movement, fish doing something, constant motion. Perhaps there is something we can learn from the underwater world about that quality. And always remember, you get stronger swimming against the current, not with it. It may be difficult, but you become a better diver.

Now, here I am in my surface interval for the day — that is what we call the time between dives. While I was perusing my news feeds and came across an interesting story. Talk about wasted energy! My fellow Texan, Robert Francis “Bob” O’Rourke is heading to Tampa Bay, to do guess what? Sorry folks, but I just could not let this pass.

As reported by Tampa Bay:

“Beto [Bob] O’Rourke is bringing his presidential campaign to Tampa on Monday. 

The former Texas congressman will hold a roundtable at 10 a.m. with veterans and military family members at Brew Bus Brewing in Seminole Heights.

It is O’Rourke’s first visit to the Tampa Bay area as a presidential candidate. Florida has one of the largest veteran populations in the country and Hillsborough County, home to MacDill Air Force Base, is home to a high concentration of military families. The conditions of base housing have been a reoccurring problem for MacDill families and was recently the subject of a congressional hearing.  

On his campaign website, O’Rourke said returning servicemen should be guaranteed “their PTSD treated, a roof over the head of every homeless vet, an investment in the treatments and conditions unique to combat and service.”

So, the only way ol’ Bob can speak on veterans issues is to try to make them victims. Then again, the great, wise, and all-knowing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that there is nothing wrong with our Veterans Administration hospital system. You know, that very evident form of government controlled, socialized medicine.

Hey Bob, we vets do not like any rich, privileged fella who never served, taking a condescending perspective on our service. We do not need you as “Clueless-in-Chief” to start rambling about us “poor veterans.” We would rather have someone who is capable of making strong decisions supporting a policy of “peace through strength.” We want someone who understands how to rebuild our military capability and capacity so that our warriors, and their families, are not enduring these incessant and continuous deployments into combat theaters of operation.

Doggone Bob, you talk about every veteran having a home over their head, then you openly welcome illegal immigrants into our nation. You put them first and foremost above our veterans, all to score political points. Perhaps if you, and your ilk, stood up for the sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic — meaning no sanctuary states and cities — we would not be spending billions on illegal immigrants in America. Guess what Bob? We could then spend those taxpayer dollars where they should be, for our veterans.

Ya know Bob, I am here with a group called Dive Pirates. It’s based out of Houston, Texas, and is a 501c(3) organization. Explain it to me, Bob, how it is that we need to have organizations to raise funds to help our veterans overcome their PTSD, yet you wanna give taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants in our country? “Investment in the treatments and conditions unique to combat and service?” Really? Folks like you believe that American taxpayer dollars should go to the killing of unborn babies. Your favorite “charity,” Planned Parenthood, was founded by a white supremacist, racist, someone who spoke at Klan rallies, and you believe that they should be receiving some $568.7M in taxpayer funding? Really, Bob?

@BetoOrourke: Dude, you are so full of it your eyes are turning brown. The fact that you think you can just whisk into some brewhouse and snow veterans is offensive. Click To Tweet

Dude, you are so full of it your eyes are turning brown.

The fact that you think you can just whisk into some brewhouse and snow veterans is offensive. Those of us who took an oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign, AND DOMESTIC, to bear true faith and allegiance to the same….that we take this oath freely with no purpose of evasion or mental reservation, so help me God” — we do not believe you one bit.

You are the Democrat (socialist) Party and have no regard for our Constitution. You seek to “fundamentally transform” our nation. Y’all celebrate folks like Bowe Bergdahl and Bradley Manning as heroes, rather than the men and women who put their lives on the line in tough combat situations. Y’all only see our military as a place for your social and cultural ideological agenda exploration and implementation.

Ya know the great thing about our men and women in uniform, and their families? Yes, Bob, they can smell a fake, phony, and fraud from miles away, and that smell is all over you, including your fake Hispanic nickname. I am here in the Cayman Islands and have no idea how many showed up for your chicanery, but I can bet one thing:  you probably made a clown of yourself.

Ya think that ol’ Robert Francis “Bob” O’Rourke would have taken up a position at The Alamo? Nah, me either. Some Texan this fella is.

* Octopuses vs. octopi

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