Photo of Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot.

Vladimir Lenin’s Modern Day ‘Useful Idiots’

In #SOSS, Democrats, Elections, Front Page by Allen West

Oh boy, where does the time go? It is the second week in our new home in Garland, Texas, and it is like we have been here for years. We love the neighborhood, with our great conservative neighbors. The run routes are quiet and challenging for a 58-year-old fella. Well, as some of you read this, I am on my Victory Cross Country 8-Ball motorcycle heading to Ft. Sill Oklahoma, the Home of the Field Artillery. It’s our annual Freedom Ride and we have perfect weather, sunny, low 60s.

While at Ft. Sill we will tour the Field Artillery Museum, arriving at 12:35 pm. At 2 pm we arrive at McKenzie’s Burger Garage for some food and fun before mounting on our bikes and heading back to Dallas. Hope to meet some of y’all!

However, before heading out from da house, I must provide y’all with our end of week ritual of sarcasm and humor we call “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.” This week’s comedic relief hits very close to home, yes, here “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”

Yep, we learned this past week that Robert Francis O’Rourke is going to run for president of these United States of America. As a matter of fact, his cover photo — resembling a Time magazine “Man of the Year” photo of Ronald Reagan — gave us his words, “I was just born to do this.” Hmm, how nice, and very egocentric, of Bob to offer his own personal “manifest destiny.” Or, perhaps this was all just a ruse to garner attention as we enter into St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Oh yes, let’s all wish Bob a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Now, here is the curveball that I’m about to pitch. Y’all have already made up your minds that this week’s recipient of the venerable Old School Patriot “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition is none other than Robert Francis “O’Rourke . . . nah!

The real recognized recipients — yes, plural — of our esteemed title is not Bob himself. Nope, the recipients are all of those stuck on stupid, fawning, mindless, lemmings who would follow Bob off da cliff.

Yes, let us begin with Vanity Fair, over 8,000 words in a slobbering love-fest without any real inquiry into who Bob really is. I must share this with y’all . . . close your eyes and picture this. Here I am a 58-year-old retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, Master Parachutist, Air Assault school graduate, recipient of the vaunted Navy/Marine Corps Gold Parachutist insignia, combat veteran, Master scuba diver, riding on my motorcycle on the open road. Now, contrast that with a skinny jean wearing, punk rock band bass player, with no accomplishments, who believes he was born to run for president. Just sayin’ y’all . . . ya think America really wants some rich, 1%, white 46-year-old Irish fella identifying as a Hispanic dude with a made-up nickname?

Well, the recipients of this week’s “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” award do.

Here is a fella that said he does not believe that the Constitution may still be relevant . . . and he wants to take an oath to uphold that document which is our rule of law? Bob does not believe in secure borders, so what does he want to be the president of? Actually, Bob is just like another “blank slate” enigma who is running on charisma, sunshine, rainbows, unicorns, and Skittles raining from the sky, like Barack Obama. Now, just how well did that end up for America? Well, if you are a recipient of this week’s dubious recognition, you felt that the Obama years were great! So, I must ask, are we serious about making the exact same mistake again? Look, Bob ran against Ted here in Texas. Ted is not likable, not popular. Bob never had any real policy proposals, he just ran around — excuse me, skateboarded around — and smiled a lot and talked happy-to-glad rhetoric. And, there were almost enough of the stuck on stupid crowd who were enthralled enough to almost make him a United States Senator from the Lone Star State.

Ya know, there is a Lieutenant Colonel whose name shall never be forgotten here in Texas. His name is William Barret Travis. When Travis was just 26-years-old he led a 13 day stand at a place called The Alamo. I know that there are a lot of young people, millennials, who are infatuated with Bob O’Rourke, but my question is why? Why would you, especially those here in Texas, where we have examples such as Travis, or Audie Murphy, fawn over an empty suit like Bob?

America, why is it that we now seek out the lowest denominator of achievement to rise to the highest office in the land? Are we just that starved and no longer cognizant of what resolute, principled leadership resembles that we would pursue a well-conceived, branded, and marketed fella who makes some of y’all feel good?

Heck, if ya want, I will go out and buy all of y’all some Skittles. Bob O’Rourke offers no policy vision and has even come out and told us he is a capitalist. Well, anyone that has to profess that they are a free market capitalist probably is not. They are just trying to deceive us with their protestations. Bob’s previous statements and assertions tell a different story.

Well, the media is going to do all it can to shelter ol’ Bob. Trust me, we saw that all last year, and his debate appearances were immature. Bob was indeed born to do something, and that is to be a charlatan of the highest degree. But, when you have a gathering number of people for whom Vladimir Lenin coined the phrase, “useful idiots,” well, it appears anything is possible, conceivable.

Therefore, this week’s Old School Patriot “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition goes out to all of those people here in Texas, and elsewhere, who ride around with black and white bumper stickers with a made up Hispanic nickname for a white Irish fella named Robert Francis O’Rourke.