Photo of the 9/11 cross in the September 11th wreckage at Ground Zero in NYC.

#NeverForget: 9/11 18 Years Later

In Front Page, History, National Security, Terrorism by Allen West

Today is the 18th remembrance of the day when “some people did something.” It is September 11th, the day we shall #NeverForget. And that is regardless of the delusional Islamo-fascists who are allowed to roam freely in our country and say such absurdities. It is a day when Islamic jihadists, terrorists, murdered some 3,000 Americans. It is the day when these jihadists flew an airplane into the Army G1 (Personnel) portion of the Pentagon . . . where my dear friend, Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell, was severely burned over his body.

It is the day that we watched, in horror, as Americans leapt from the heights of the twin towers in NYC, falling to their deaths, rather than be burned alive.

Today, we are told that to speak of this, or show those scenes, is insensitive, triggering, perhaps offensive to some. If it is, then they are not Americans.

This is the day when innocent Americans went to work, and in the end, families were forever scarred.

I was on my exchange assignment with the II Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Lejeune, NC, and saw the second plane hit Tower II. Later, upon retirement, I lived in Plantation, Florida where jihadist ringleader Mohammed Atta was once pulled over on a traffic stop. He was in the country illegally, having overstayed his student Visa. And, in Congress, I represented Lauderdale-by-the Sea, where Atta and crew purchased their flight tickets.

No, for all the days of my life I will not forget 9/11, and neither should you. To those who would disrespect, disregard, and dismiss the remembrance of this day with flippant statements . . . we will #NeverForget what you said.

God bless America.

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