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Welcome, Mr. Big Gulp

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Howdy, folks! I hope y’all had an awesome Thanksgiving with plenty of “good chow” to eat. We had a great one here in our home nestled in the eastern hills of Garland, Texas. Once again, the fried turkey and ham were the centerpieces and a big hit. I do have one question about today, as the Christmas shopping season kicks off . . . is “Black Friday” racist?

Okey dokey, just a little humor there, now back to business.

If you noticed the title to this missive, perhaps you know the subject of this post. It appears that the diminutive former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has his sights set on Texas. It appears that Mikey wants to win the Texas Democrat (socialist) Party primary next March.

His strategy is not a conventional one, but it has been seen before. It was another former NYC mayor who felt that he could sit out early primary contests and lie in wait for big-ticket primary races. That person was none other than Rudy Guiliani. He believed that his endeavor to win the GOP presidential nomination would begin in Florida . . . Rudy failed to launch.

Bloomberg has embraced the insanity in doing the same thing, expecting different results.

As reported by the Texas Scorecard:

“Liberal [progressive socialist] billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning to spend $20 million on voter registration in key states including Texas, according to an AP report in TIME magazine. The move comes ahead of his rumored late entry into the 2020 Democratic Party’s presidential nominating process.

According to the report: News of the large investment, confirmed by Bloomberg’s team on Wednesday, comes less than a week after the former New York City mayor unveiled a $100 million online advertising campaign attacking Trump in four general election swing states as well. The new effort will target 500,000 voters from traditionally underrepresented groups that typically lean Democratic, including African Americans, Latinos, Asians, young voters and those living in some rural communities. The drive will begin early next year in Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin, but could expand to more states.”

I find it absolutely humorous that the party that claims to despise billionaires and “old white men” have several running for its presidential nomination. To think, Mikey Bloomberg believes that he can just bombard us with millions of dollars in delusional ads and we are supposed to fall for him?

Let me clue y’all in as to why Bloomberg’s first trip after announcing his candidacy was to Norfolk. Virginia. It was there that Bloomberg’s gun control organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, spent millions of dollars to win the Virginia legislature for the gun-confiscating leftists. Bloomberg’s message there was that his millions helped to flip Virginia, and he is seeking to do that elsewhere, and Texas is in his sights.

Why do I refer to Bloomberg as “Mr. Big Gulp?” Remember, this little Napoleonic ego-driven tyrant believes that we are too imbecilic to know what we should drink. Therefore, Bloomberg banned 7-11 Big Gulp drinks in NYC. Not to mention his fervent desire to control salt and pepper, along with other condiments. See, Bloomberg is nothing more than a big government nanny-state control freak that just so happens to have $50B as his backing. Bloomberg stated that he will fund his own campaign, taking no donations. His news network, Bloomberg TV has already stated that it will not investigate or challenge him, or any other Democrat (socialist) candidates for president . . . but they will opine about, and investigate President Trump.

Hmm, sounds like Mr. Big Gulp wants to control the media, press, the message we get as Americans. It certainly doesn’t sound like Mikey believes in that first amendment freedom of the press ideal . . . Nah, he just will use his billions to buy the news.

Sounds like Mr. Big Gulp wants to control the media & the message we get as Americans. It doesn't sound like Mikey believes in that first amendment freedom of the press ideal . . . Nah, he just will use his billions to buy the news. Click To Tweet

Now, we all know what Bloomberg thinks about the Second Amendment, all the while he has armed security protecting him. Just as we have Texas counties now declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuary counties,” Bloomberg is going to blast Texas with his gun control message. Maybe he will hire the disgraced Bob Frank O’Rourke as his Texas campaign chairman? Regardless, I, for one, welcome Mr. Gun Grabbin’ Big Gulp Takin’ to Texas. I cannot think of anyone better to be the face of the progressive socialist left here in Texas. I would wager that Mr. Gun Grabbin’ Big Gulp Takin’ would venture to ban Texas steaks over a certain size . . . maybe even declare brisket unhealthy. After all, Mikey loves climate change, and we know that cows add to greenhouse gases . . . so, no more beef in Texas.

Folks, beating the progressive socialist left in Texas does not require gimmicks like buying up fake websites and running negative stories. All that is needed to meet these loons on the ideological battlefield and put them on defense. All that is required is for constitutional conservatives to go on offense and expose these delusional, deranged dictators, like Bloomberg, for who and what they are.

So, welcome to Texas Mr. Big Gulp, we look forward to giving you a Texas-sized butt whipping. This is why we are going to have a record GOP turnout in Texas for the March primary. This is why our precincts will be filled up for people seeking to be delegates to the Texas GOP convention.

We, liberty-loving Texans, are stewing for a fight. Just ask Santa Anna about that. He got a stomping courtesy of a Tennessee Volunteer leading the Texas Army, Sam Houston, at the Battle of San Jacinto in just 18 minutes. Hey, Mr. Big Gulp, you and your progressive socialist nanny-state ilk ain’t gonna know what hit y’all next year, 2020.

So, c’mon down with your gun control message. We got a message fer ya, “Come and Take It,” Bloomberg.

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