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What Schools Want to Teach Your Children Now . . .

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Folks who have heard me speak know the answer to that assertion. We are in an America where our once esteemed system of education has fallen so far behind it is alarming. We are no longer tops in the world, in math, reading, and science, as a recent US News and World Report article posits. And, to bring this home for us here in Texas, it was just last year, in September, that someone had the disturbing idea to remove the characterization, description, of “heroic” as a reference to the defenders of The Alamo in Texas history books. The Texas State Board of Education had to call for an emergency session to quell such as absurd initiative.

As I have stated before, we do not have a system of education anymore in America…our schools have become indoctrination centers. And, sadly, Texas provides us an example of such.

As reported by the Texas Scorecard:

“Children in Austin as young as 8 years old will now be taught to promote high-risk sexual behavior, thanks to a unanimous decision by the Austin Independent School District. Just after midnight Tuesday, the AISD board approved a controversial sex education curriculum amid a crowd of concerned parents and citizens.

The district’s new curriculum includes role-playing scenarios for children that involve anal and oral sex and features a situation where an underage girl has a sexual relationship with a 17-year old that she hides from her parents.

The curriculum also teaches about numerous sexual orientations; children are told that their gender is based on their feelings rather than their biological sex, and they are encouraged to “challenge homophobia” by attending LGBT pride parades. Lesson plans also instruct teachers to use gender-neutral pronouns and avoid only using “binaries” such as “mom” and “dad.”

The lessons are aimed at elementary and middle school-aged children in grades three through eight. At the school board meeting Monday night, over 100 people testified on the issue, most opposing the controversial lessons.

[This curriculum] promotes a radical ideology that is in opposition to the values most Austin parents and families hold,” said AISD parent David Walls, vice president of the pro-family advocacy group Texas Values. “There is a resounding concern that this radical, hyper-sexualized sex education is going to be problematic for the future generations of kids in this city.” “The bigger picture is to normalize these behaviors and to teach them to children so that they can feel okay with engaging in these behaviors, but they are not,” said Caryl Ayala, director of Concerned Parents of Texas. “No child should be engaged in any kind of sexual activity.”

“Tonight, you might think that your legacy might be inclusion,” Jennifer Fleck, a candidate for Texas House, told the school board. “But the truth is that confusing a child’s sexuality and gender will provide a legacy of destruction.”

Prior to the meeting, Texas Values hosted a press conference outside of the board room with a crowd of supporters—but they were abruptly disrupted when several protestors began shouting and playing kazoos and sirens. One disrupter was even detained by the police.

Despite the chaos, however, parents still spoke out in defense of their children.”

The most important elected position in America? School board member. I think that when one considers this despicable and disconcerting ideological move by the Austin, Texas ISD you have to realize how vital that position is. The progressive socialist left is not concerned with educating our children, they want to indoctrinate their minds. When did it become the job of teachers to inculcate values into our children that run counter to those of the parents? The job is to teach our children, prepare them to be successful, and hone their learning skills and abilities.

Remember the teacher in eastern North Carolina who punished the young black kid who referred to her as “Ma’am?” Recall how the parents were angered? This vignette is playing out all over our country. Let us not forget the French teacher in Northern Virginia who was fired, not for being a poor teacher, but because he refused to call a female student by her preferred “gender.” It was the local school board that decided to fire the teacher. We shared these stories with y’all . . . but it continues to happen.

The progressive socialist left is focused, and I mean laser-focused, on moving into conservative areas and taking over two elected positions” a seat on the city council and school board member. When you want a prime example of progressive socialist leftism’s failure in a red state, look no further than Austin, Texas.

You want to know why I am running for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas? Here ya go. And, think, we are dealing with the travesty of the James Younger case, where a delusional mother wants to chemically castrate her 7-year old son.

Did you read, there were actually people, I use that term loosely, who protested parents who opposed this deranged and perverted indoctrination of our children.

Yes, ladies and gents, no I am not using any “gender-neutral” references, ever. This is the supreme ideological and moral fight for the heart and soul of America . . . and our children. We must stand up and defeat this, and I struggle with appropriate words to describe it. One thing is for certain, this is troubling, to say the least.

Please, please, any of you progressive socialists, explain to me how this can be supported and defended? Just know one thing, we will no longer be silent. We are coming out of the catacombs. We are angry, but we are determined.

The left has issued a challenge: they want our children and Texas. There is only one response . . . “Come and Take It.” The fight is on!!!

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