Photo of a rally advocating gun control and an assault weapons ban in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot

When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Have Guns

In Front Page, Second Amendment by Allen West

I spent Thursday in Washington, DC, on the same day that Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats brought a gun control measure to the floor for a vote. This ill-conceived legislation is yet another means to inflict gun control measures on legal, law-abiding gun owners.

If there is anything we can learn from the recent shooting in Aurora, Illinois is that the system, once again, failed. In that case, the deceased shooter was a prior felon and should not have been able to acquire firearms. In other words, the existing laws on the books were not followed, and, someone, somewhere, failed to enter a criminal record into the NICS system. The same happened in Sutherland Springs. As well, most of these “gun violence” cases have to do with mental illness. What is also very apparent to anyone with common sense, only law-abiding citizens follow the law . . . criminals do not.

Even this legislation brought to the floor by the House Democrats had issues in that criminal illegal immigrants potentially faced lesser punishment for illegally having firearms, than an American citizen gifting a firearm to a trusted relative, or friend.

And so we now find out that in a place with draconian gun control laws, an open shooting took place.

As reported by New York CBS Local:

“There was a recent scare on the streets of the Bronx. A shooting sent people on a Mt. Eden sidewalk scrambling for cover.

The incident happened last week, and police are trying to find out who opened fire and why, CBS2’s Scott Rapoport reported Thursday. Dramatic surveillance video shows the brazen gunman opening fire in the middle of the street in broad daylight, sending an innocent little girl fleeing wearing a blue backpack for her life.

“It’s like the wild, wild West,” one man said, “when you see a person with a gun just shooting people.”

Police said the gunfire happened in the area of Gerard Avenue and McClellan Street last Friday at around 2 p.m. The gunman, whose face can clearly be seen in the image, approaches a 19-year-old man who was with four other people, pulled out a gun and fired three shots, sending everyone even remotely close to the danger scrambling.

“That’s the time when the kids come out. He could’ve shot a child,” one woman said.

People who live in the area said the whole disturbing scene left them frightened and concerned. “You never know when somebody’s gonna shoot you,” an older man said.”

Here is my assessment, having watched the video, repeatedly, looking at the scenario, the firearm, and the intended targets. This was a gang-related hit. I know that folks are going to accuse me of being racist or a xenophobe, but I care not. I am watching for trends and conducting an analysis. Without a doubt, that was a Hispanic gang-related attempted hit. The firearm was a simple revolver, and the shooter had very poor shooting skills. It was more about spraying the group of individuals with bullets rather than taking well-aimed fire.

If this shooting had anything to do with MS-13 then it is further evidence that there is no “manufactured crisis.” Already, armed gangs are running rampant in Chicago — yes, black on black violence — to the point where innocent children are being gunned down, even in their homes. Thank God that the little girl in this video surveillance was not hit by any of those errant shots.

The one person interviewed stated that their neighborhood has become a sort of “wild, wild West.” One has to ask if this was the case when “stop and frisk” was a policy utilized by the NYPD? See, it is very easy for these PC-oriented progressive socialists to make their emotional decisions about doing what’s “right,” and what is not nice.

Therefore, along with sanctuary city policies, people like NYC Mayor de Blasio creates these dangerous environments where little girls cannot safely walk home from school.

So, what if this assailant is found before a rival gang finds him? When we learn who he is — the motive will be easy to ascertain — who will be held responsible for this vermin to be able to walk our streets, endangering the lives of our children?

Just a “what if” scenario: if this person is a criminal illegal immigrant gang member — a high possibility — who do we hold accountable? Yeah, I am quite sure the left wing progressive media will find a way to blame it on President Trump via Michael Cohen. However, once again, this will slowly fade away because no one wants to pin the tail on the Donkey Party for their insidious policies that favor illegal immigrants, and certainly the criminal ones, enabling them to transform our streets into hellholes.

I think we can all rest assured that the person who opened fire on this Bronx neighborhood street is not a law-abiding, legal, American gun owner. Hmm, the Bronx . . . ? Isn’t that the congressional district represented by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?