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Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, America?

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It’s the end of the week, and yes, March Madness is in full swing. However, as I reflected upon some of the top news headlines from this week, I was reminded of a greater madness that has overtaken our Constitutional Republic. It is a madness that has risen and shown its face in other countries since its inception by two fellas, Karl Marx, and Friederich Engels. This same madness has cost the lives of tens of millions and is still taking lives, right now. as we watch events unfold in Venezuela. Therefore, I have to ask, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, America? Are we actually foolish enough to embark upon the same dangerous trek? One we know is proven to fail?

Consider that yesterday, President Trump had to sign an executive order on free speech on college and university campuses. Imagine that, a US President had to sign an order regarding our First Amendment right to free speech and free expression. How did we get to the point that an opposing viewpoint on a college or university campus would result in your being physically assaulted . . . certainly verbally assailed. This is something I understand first-hand. I have experienced it. On May 1st I will travel to Orange County College in Costa Mesa, California as invited by the College Republicans to discuss the Second Amendment. You just have to wonder if will this be one of those progressive socialist leftist spectacles, as it was at St Louis University when I spoke there?

When did our so-called institutions of higher learned stop being institutions of higher learning and just centers of leftist indoctrination? How can we expect our children to learn when they are being shovel fed one ideology? Amazing that we have come to the point of denying federal funding to these institutions that disavow our basic First Amendment rights . . . but what other recourse is there? How very oxymoronic, emphasis on moron, that the left created an organization called Antifa (anti-fascist) whose very existence is all about suppressing opposing thought, ideas, perspectives, insights, speech . . . and take to violence to do so?

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, America?

This week, presidential candidate and New York senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, openly stated that she wants to give social security benefits to illegals in our country. We know that Nancy Pelosi has asserted that this hoopla about illegal immigration is all a “manufactured crisis.” Ms. Pelosi even went as far as saying that “newcomers” should be allowed to vote in our elections. She, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives believes that these “newcomers” are what make America great and are the essence of America, not the legal, law-abiding citizens, whom she and her ilk seek to disarm.

So here we are, America. Our borders are being flooded by those feigning asylum claims who are, at this time, being released into our country, our communities, to live off the largesse of our hard-earned taxpayer funds and resources. They are being given driver’s licenses, free healthcare, and free education. Yet, they are, in many cases, bringing into our nation sicknesses and diseases that we have eradicated . . . putting our children at risk.

There are repeated cases of criminal illegal immigrants taking the lives of American citizens . . . but it is all just a “manufactured crisis.” Yes, the crisis is manufactured by the open borders and sanctuary city/state policies of these progressive socialist leftists. These are the people who will attack our brave law enforcement agencies, such as ICE, yet wrap their arms around those who disrespect our rule of law. Then again, perhaps the leftists find them simpatico since they also disrespect our rule of law . . . such as denying free speech and undermining our Second Amendment rights.

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, America?

Now we know how the progressive socialist left wants to “fundamentally transform” these United States of America. They are openly talking about “stacking” the Supreme Court with fifteen Justices. This was something the power-minded Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought to implement. Well, the same tyrannical minded control freaks of the left are back to the same old game plan. Instead of three branches of government, the left prefers the three branches of rule — the media, academia, and the courts. Judicial activism is the way the left mandates its ideological agenda. No one with a functioning brain would willingly accept and vote for their delusional absurdity.

Along with restructuring one of our judicial branch of government, now the leftists are raving about eradicating the electoral college. Oh, for you leftists reading this missive, the other two branches are the legislative and executive.) The reason the left wants a pure, popular democracy, not a representative one, is all about the tyranny of the majority given power by population. Now you can understand why the left is pushing for “newcomers” to vote. Heck, the Democrat (socialist) House of Representatives already voted to allow illegals to vote in local elections. Why not state and federal? The left now wants 16-year-olds to vote . . . ya know where that is heading, since even our high schools are indoctrination centers today.

We have this initiative called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which we wrote about this week. We have 12 — all blue states, and the District of Columbia — who have passed and signed into law a plan that awards their electoral votes not to the presidential candidate that wins their respective states, but to the one who wins the national popular vote.

As well, the progressive socialist left is questioning why we have a United States Senate where Wyoming is equal to California . . . Two senators, two votes. They advocate the abolishment of the US Senate and only having a unicameral system (for you leftists, that means only one legislative body) of the House of Representatives, based upon population. The reason the Founding Fathers created the US Senate and the electoral college system was that sense of State fairness. Dang, I thought the progressive socialist left was all about fairness?

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, America?

Once upon a time, openly stating, and advocating that you were a socialist would have drawn the ire of everyone. We have become so very desensitized to this, because we have a system of indoctrination and a media that does not educate, nor openly challenge it. This grand scheme of collectivism where everyone has the same things — except for those privileged members of the Politburo, like Bernie Sanders with his multiple lake homes — has never been successful. Yet, our progressive socialist media does not report what is happening in a place called Venezuela.

I want one of you progressive socialists to explain to me what is so great about the equality of outcomes that leads to an equal sharing of misery? What is so great about a group of elites who decide what you can have, what you can do, what you can achieve, where you can go, what you can eat, whether you are born, and when you die? Dude, that is socialism, and socialism sucks . . . I don’t care if you package it in some fella self-styled as “Beto” or some mindless lemming tagged as the “cute girl” from New York. Socialism sucks.

And so I ask: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, America?

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