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Why Are Barack Obama and the Liberal Media Pissed Off?

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Okay, the first thing: some of you may be offended by the title of this missive. The words accurately portray the emotional response we are witnessing with reference to yesterday’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) announcement, the Iranian nuclear agreement. Yes, I could have been PC and said upset, angry, apoplectic, disturbed, enraged. But, the word I chose fits.

We’ve seen responses from Obama, Kerry, and Rice, which, along with the media’s bias, tells the story. What has so pissed off this collection of crows is the fact that their incompetence, ineptness, weakness, and folly is being exposed, and reversed. At this pace, the Barack Obama Presidential Library would fit into a souvenir stop in New Mexico along I-10.

At this pace, the Barack Obama Presidential Library would fit into a souvenir stop in New Mexico along I-10. Click To Tweet

Think about this: at this time, the Trump administration’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is returning from North Korea — for the second time — with the three Americans who were held hostage there. Never forget that Obama, and Kerry, did nothing for young Otto Warmbier, who was returned to the United States, in a coma, the victim of torture, and who later died.

Our fondest memory of John Kerry as Secretary of State was standing beside James Taylor, in France, while he sang “You’ve Got a Friend” in the aftermath of the ISIS inspired terrorist attack.

Former National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, is the chucklehead who penned an op-ed for the NY Times articulating why America just needs to accept a nuclear North Korea, a continuation of Obama’s “strategic patience” policy. Well, guess what? We’ve found that we do not have to accept the legacy of weakness, fecklessness, and leading from behind, which characterized the eight years of the Obama administration.

As usual, these deceivers — with the aid of the liberal progressive media — promulgate the false narrative that not acquiescing to the likes of North Korea, and Iran, will lead to war. I guess these shameful charlatans fail to realize that Iran has been at war with the United States since 1983 when they killed 241 Marines and Sailors via Hezbollah in Beirut. That continues to today with the 18-20% of casualties and deaths caused by Iranian made explosive force penetrators (EFPs) provided to Islamic terrorists in Iraq.

Our military is being revitalized and funded. Our foreign policy has teeth, and is backed up by a capable military. Our national security focus is not on social egalitarianism.

Our military is being revitalized and funded. Our foreign policy has teeth, and is backed up by a capable military. Our national security focus is not on social egalitarianism. Click To Tweet

But the angst of Obama, and his ilk, goes beyond just Iran, or North Korea, where the unilateral agreement of Obama is as worthless as the 1938 Munich Agreement. Trump has stared down a tyrant into submission. The level of disgust is far deeper, hence the leftist attacks grow more vicious as President Donald Trump erases the failures of Barack Obama, and exposes him for what we all knew he was: an empty suit puppet.

Let’s not forget that it was Obama whose foolish decision to withdraw from Iraq — praised by the leftists — created a vile Islamic jihadist group called the Islamic State. Hey, heard anything from those rascals lately? Now, we still have an issue with the global Islamic jihad, but ISIS no longer has a territorial integrity.

Recall Obama’s “red line” in Syria? Yes, you know where I am going with that one. What has happened in just 18 months of the Trump administration? Please, my frothing-at-the-mouth, progressive, socialist, detractors, do not insult our intelligence by trying to attribute this to Obama, as you are attempting with this incredible economic turnaround.

Speaking of which: remember when Obama said at a town hall event that there was no way to turn our economy around? Obama said there was no way to bring jobs back to our shores. He said, “if you own a business, you didn’t build that.” What happened? The supposed “new normal” of a dismal economy and recovery with a less than 2% GDP is now revealed as not being the norm.

Look, the famed “first black president” was not the one who brought black unemployment to a historic low . . . and has kept it dropping. Obama’s insidious, wasteful, stimulus spending program has been evidenced as another example of Keynesian theory failure. How funny, and abjectly comical it is, to hear the leftists complain about the debt and deficits after the eight years of Obama. Of course, I am angered with the GOP for going down the path of producing a $1.3T Omnibus spending measure. However, we now see that the real means to economic growth is not by way of excessive government spending, but rather by tax, regulatory, and fiscal policies that say, “America is open for business, and you did build that.” Oh, by the way, did I mention that we are now a major exporter of oil and gas in the world?

And what pisses off the liberal progressive media is that they are being exposed as the partisan, non-objective, enablers that they are. Funny, the leftist media is more infatuated with a porn star, than finding out why were Americans abandoned for 13 hours during an Islamic jihadist attack in Benghazi, where four were killed, including an ambassador. The media is dedicating its efforts to the tune of 90% negative attacks, and stories, about President Trump, as well as the First Lady, and anyone associated with the Trump administration – just ask Admiral Ronny Jackson.

For eight years the leftist media just fawned all over Obama and made excuses for any and everything. They cannot fathom the level of success of the Trump administration, and they are apoplectic about it. The real collusion is between the #resistance movement and the liberal progressive media. Want proof? Go and ask any of your liberal, progressive, friends who Christopher Steele is, or Bruce Ohr, not to mention Peter Strzok.

Okay, I gotta throw our despondent, leftist, friends a bone: Obama still has Obamacare. It’s not protecting patients — see the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) — and it doggone well is not affordable. The lack of competence by the GOP, and, an inability to properly message and communicate, has kept Obamacare on life support. But, just as with Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, we all realize that government-run, socialized, medicine is not a viable solution. So, that “signature domestic policy achievement” of Obama will soon be gone.

What’s the left’s response? Simple: we have to impeach Trump. You know, if the left does not like you, then you should be impeached. Or, they will repeal the tax cut law which has brought us an amazing economic growth and recovery. These are not winning strategies, along with embracing criminal illegal immigrants, sanctuary state and city policies, and disarming law-abiding American citizens.

The progressive socialist left is displaying the emotional reaction of folks who are pissed off. Folks who remind us of the kid throwing the temper tantrum in the cereal aisle of the grocery store . . . and only delusional people would vote for this.