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Why Red Flag Laws are Dangerous for Americans

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I have shared with y’all the November 2018 story of an innocent man, Gary J. Willis, 61 years of age, from Ferndale, Maryland. In the early morning hours, approximately 5:17am, two police officers came to his door to serve a red flag protection order. Gary J. Willis ended up dead. As far as I know, the two police officers were never identified, the red flag protection order never seen, and the initiator of the red flag order never uncovered. Just recently, New Mexico became the latest state in our Republic to adopt this unconstitutional edict. These are clear violations of our Second and Fourth Amendment rights.

Sadly, something has happened, again, and in the same state of Maryland.

As reported by The American Conservative:

“The constitution is dead” was the last tweet ever sent by 21-year-old Duncan Socrates Lemp.  On Thursday morning at 4:30 a.m., a Montgomery County SWAT team killed Lemp during a violent attack on his family’s home in the affluent Washington suburb of Potomac, Maryland.

Why did the SWAT team attack the home as Lemp was sleeping? The initial county police press release referred only to “firearms offenses.” County police spokeswoman Mary Davison refused to disclose either the details of Lemp’s alleged offense or the affidavit used to justify the raid.  Instead, she notified me that my press inquiries were being handled under the Maryland Public Information Act which entitles government agencies to delay responding for weeks or months.

Even the search warrant used to justify the raid is reportedly sealed for 30 days. This Blue Wall of Silence is doing nothing to slow the cascade of allegations on social media that Lemp was murdered.

According to Rene Sandler, a former prosecutor who is representing the Lemp family, Montgomery County police fired into the bedroom where Lemp and his pregnant girlfriend were sleeping without warning. The gunfire was followed by two flash-bang grenades.  The Supreme Court of North Carolina last month labeled flash-bangs a “weapon of mass death and destruction,” and a 2019 federal appeals court decision noted that flash bangs are “four times louder than a 12-gauge shotgun blast” with “a powerful enough concussive effect to break windows and put holes in walls.” Criminal defense lawyer Clay Conrad observed in 2010, flash-bangs are “just an assault. These things are designed to blind and deafen…You’re intentionally injuring people.”

And when gunfire and bombs ring out at 4:30 a.m., it is not surprising that someone gets killed in the commotion.  Montgomery County police have offered no explanation for the timing of the raid. Instead, they issued a press release late on the day of the killing announcing a “police-involved shooting” — a weasel phrase preferred by police departments and much of the media nowadays.

After Lemp, who was a software developer, was wounded, the police handcuffed the surviving family members and his girlfriend while conducting an exhaustive search of the house. Lemp was pronounced dead at the scene. On Friday evening, the police department posted photos of five firearms (none of which were apparently illegal in themselves) they seized during the raid but omitted including a photo of Lemp’s bullet-ridden corpse.  The police also modified their story to assert that Lemp had “confronted” the police officers.  But this could simply mean that he stood up after the shooting or took a step towards the window from where shots were entering. The police department has not asserted that Lemp had a firearm or any other dangerous device when he was slain.

Is the version of events that Sanders offers unfair to the police? SWAT team members were reportedly wearing body cams. The ACLU of Maryland is demanding that the police “must be transparent and release all body camera footage” of the raid on Lemp’s home.  The county government’s refusal to answer questions or to disclose the body cam footage is doing nothing to help its credibility.”

Just for reference, Mr. Lemp, who is now deceased, was 5’8′ tall and weighed 145 pounds, not a commanding figure. First of all, let it be clear, I fully support our law enforcement, the men and women on the Thin Blue Line are our everyday warriors, guardians, and protectors. But, something is starting to go horribly wrong in our America. Something that is starting to resemble an East Germany Stasi State, which I previously wrote about. Why does a SWAT team get called out to the home of a fella who previously only had a speeding ticket from last year?

But perhaps what resulted in Mr. Lemp being shot dead in his own bedroom was this from the article referenced above:

“Lemp was apparently a member of some online pro-gun groups and had allegedly expressed interest in joining a militia. His Instagram page shows two photos with the motto “Sic Semper Tyrannis”—the Virginia “Thus Always to Tyrants” state motto, including one photo showing firearms held high. Checking his Facebook page on Friday morning, I was surprised that he and I had seven mutual friends, including a savvy libertarian lawyer lady from California. Did Lemp’s political beliefs or associations have any role in his fatal targeting by the Montgomery County police?”

Heck, I am a life member of the NRA (as well as Board member), Texas State Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and the Dallas Safari Club. I have also taken pictures with shirts that say “Come and Take It” or “Don’t Tread On Me.” I have often shared pictures of me at the gun range. Does that mean I should expect a visit from a SWAT team in the early morning hours and end up dead for no real reason?

This is how red flag laws will lead to innocent men and women being gunned down in their homes for no apparent reason…other than someone being disturbed by their political affiliations, or love of the Second Amendment and shooting.

What is amazing to me is that folks can make targeted threats against the President of the United States, and not be prosecuted. Or, you can be a member of the US Senate, in a leadership position, and make direct threats to two US Supreme Court justices, and have nothing happen. But, somehow, certain ideological beliefs — and let’s be honest, constitutional beliefs — can result in being shot dead in your bedroom.

Someone needs to look deeper into the death of 21-year-old Duncan Socrates Lemp. To our young millennial Americans: just remember, this is how it goes in socialist countries.

Molon Labe!

(Doggone, I may be getting an early wake-up call)

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