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Why We Need the Border Wall

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I find it amazing that the progressive socialist left was able to shift the prevailing narrative of the 2018 midterm elections from the economy and border security. Then again, let me check myself: when you have a willing and able accomplice, like the liberal progressive media, you can message anything you wish. One would have thought that this election cycle would have been about the economic growth and expansion that we have experienced here in America in the past two years.

How odd that Barack Obama once mocked President Trump about “waving a magic wand” to bring back manufacturing and production jobs. Obama told us that 1.5 percent GDP growth was the “new normal” and that we just needed to get used to it. That is why I had to laugh when the same Obama, the usurper, was out and about taking credit for the economic vibrancy of the nation since the passing of the Trump economic plan. Then again, the allied leftist media allows him to get away with it.

The media allowed the progressive socialist left to make little mention about the issue of illegal immigration. Heck, Stacey Abrams, running for Governor in Georgia, even openly admitted that she wanted illegals to vote in our elections. Sorry, Stacy, San Francisco, that sanctuary for illegal immigrants, where a young American woman, Kate Steinle was murdered by a five-time deported illegal immigrant, already beat ya to it . . . they allow illegals to vote.

How could we have had 48 percent of Texans vote for a charlatan with a cute little Hispanic nickname who supported open borders, abolishing of our ICE agency, and decriminalizing illegal entry into the United States? Well, when the leftist media does its doggone best to hide those critical policy issues, it is rather easy. I am sick and tired of folks who do not believe that the United States is a sovereign nation with borders to protect. I have had it with people who care more about those who are not Americans as opposed to American citizens safety and security. Now, does that make me out to be a racist, xenophobe, or nationalist? That is what the progressive socialist left and the leftist media would have you to believe. Remember, it was the violent leftist thug gang, Antifa, which once chanted in our nation’s capital, “No Borders, No Wall, No USA at All.”

Sorry folks, I ain't down with that unconstitutional stupidity, and neither should you be. We are either a nation of laws or let's just pack it up and be overrun . . . not on my watch. Click To Tweet

Sorry folks, I ain’t down with that unconstitutional stupidity, and neither should you be. We are either a nation of laws or let’s just pack it up and be overrun . . . not on my watch. To those who would say, “Ahh, Col. West, there you go again, stoking fear and anger” . . . nah, I am just relaying the truth. And as a proud American, soldier, husband, and dad, I am not about to surrender my nation. Nope, ain’t happening.

We don’t need a wall?

As reported by CNS News:

“On Nov. 12 and 13, U.S. Border Patrol agents captured 654 illegal aliens in Yuma, Arizona who had illegally entered the United States through “outdated border wall infrastructure,” reported U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Wednesday. The illegals were mostly Guatemalan nationals, family units and unaccompanied juveniles. They are not believed to be part of the large caravan of people heading for the border, said the CBP.  

“The groups illegally entered on both sides of the San Luis Port of Entry where there is outdated border wall infrastructure,” reported the agency. “Larger numbers have started to illegally cross shallow portions of the Colorado River near Yuma.” 

In addition, “a group of 55 Central Americans waded across the [Colorado] river near County 9th Street and surrendered to agents after walking around vehicle barriers,” said the CBP. 

“The area lacks infrastructure that would deter pedestrian entries.” The agency reported that year-to-date apprehensions in the Yuma Sector “are up over 150% compared to this date in Fiscal Year 2018.” Also,  total FY 2018  numbers were “more than double total” FY 2017 numbers.”

We have a problem, and that problem is an unsecured border and our national sovereignty being disrespected. To further exacerbate the situation, we have elected officials who have paralysis in contending with the issue, or are wholeheartedly enabling and advocating for the proliferation of illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and states.

Why would anyone elect a chucklehead that does not own up to the most basic responsibility of being an American elected official — protect We the People, and support and defend our constitution? Please, spare me the compassion argument, America does not exist for folks to just decide they do not like where they live and will illegally squat here. Yes, we welcome folks from other lands, but there is a front door.

As a sovereign nation, we reserve the right to decide who can obtain the privileged title of “American.” Come here and assimilate into our way of life, culture, and experience the vaunted American dream. Yes, there is something called American exceptionalism, Barack Obama seemed not to believe so. But ask yourselves, how many boats are leaving South Florida and heading to Cuba? If progressive socialism is so great, then why aren’t these folks walking to Venezuela?

America is compassionate in giving our taxpayer dollars in the form of foreign aid to these countries to improve their quality of life and services. We send church mission groups to these countries to aid the poor and sick, I know because our own daughters went on one . . . and they came back loving America even more.

See, this is not about compassion, it is about respect, and we are being told by these individuals that they do not respect our nation. Furthermore, there is a certain political party who embraces an ideology that says they do not respect our nation, its laws, and its law enforcers.

Sadly, there is a growing group of ill-informed individuals, Lenin referred to them as “useful idiots,” who support the aforementioned with their electoral patronage. Back during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, there was an amnesty granted, but no one sought to resolve the issue of securing our border and stemming the flow of illegal immigrants, and so it continues, and to a greater degree. We read about individuals who have committed felony crimes, that are deported, and come right back. How the heck does that happen? Even more so, how the heck is there anyone that thinks that is an okay situation?

What needs to happen? We need to stop broadcasting into these countries that anyone can come to America and get free subsistence. We need to stop having these “immigration” lawyers who are going into these countries and coaching people on how to cheat our immigration system and gain entry into our nation. We need to stop handing out government subsistence to those who are here illegally, to include social security, Medicaid, and other benefits. We need to express, in no uncertain terms, is that being an American is not a right anyone can have, but rather, it is an explicit privilege that should be earned. It is not just bestowed upon someone who crosses the Colorado or Rio Grande rivers. We must end the “catch and release” policy.

Who says we do not need a wall? Only the people who believe that we do not need an America at all . . .

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