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With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

In Foreign Policy, Front Page, World News by Allen West

This is just a short update to make y’all aware of what is happening in our world. I spent two and a half years in Afghanistan, based in Kandahar, serving as a civilian/military adviser to the Afghanistan National Army (ANA). If there was one thing we all knew, it was that the problems for Afghanistan emanated from Pakistan. Ya know, the Pakistan that we provide foreign aid to, and trust them to transport supplies. Pakistan, where the Taliban leadership and training camps reside, where Islamic jihadists find sanctuary, madrassa schools thrive, and where Osama bin Laden hid out.

I mean, really, with friends like this who needs enemies.

We also know that Pakistan is developing a relationship with China, and allowing the Chinese to build a port facility, and, potentially a naval base.

Therefore, this news from Afghanistan is not a surprise to me. As reported by Afghanistan’s 1TVNews:

“Afghan border police have seized a truck carrying 9,800 kilograms of ammonium nitrate, an ingredient of improvised explosives, at Torkham crossing with Pakistan, officials said Sunday. The explosives were placed under fruit boxes in a Pakistani lorry. The discovery was made on Saturday evening during check at Torkham port, Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry said. Terrorists wanted to use the explosives in attacks, the ministry said in a statement. Four people were arrested following the seizure, the statement said. Kabul has long accused Pakistan of harbouring militants who carry out attacks in Afghanistan. Islamabad denies the charges.”

Perhaps these rascals got “ratted out” because they did not give the required payment to the Afghan Border Police. Regardless, this is just a reminder that the Pakistan government isn’t a good actor, and continues to turn a blind eye to the thriving activity of Islamic jihadists within their borders.

Additionally, Pakistan will be attending China’s Shanghai summit that happens June 6-10, mere days before the United States’ supposed summit with North Korea. China is, indeed, advancing its cause, its agenda, in Pakistan. And, Pakistan is aiding, and abetting, the efforts of Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan. That means they are supporting the effort to kill our deployed troops, and undermine their mission.

It’s time for America to seriously take aim at these so-called “friends,” and turn up the diplomatic and economic pressure. We should not be sending a single penny of foreign aid to Pakistan. Some would say that would push them into the circle of friendship with China and Russia, they are already there, so why pay them for it. The United States should be building stronger relations with India as a bulwark against Pakistani ambitions, and alliances with China. But, as stated, the linchpin to much of this is to hammer down on Iran.

Much the same as in Vietnam, we allowed the Viet Cong, and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), to have sanctuaries in Laos, and Cambodia. The lesson learned is that if you allow the enemy uninterrupted sanctuary — a base of operations — you will lose as they conduct cross border operations. America is conducting operations in the designated Area of Operations (AO) of Afghanistan. However, the Area of Influence (AI), includes not just Pakistan, but also to the west, Iran. Those countries are our present day Laos and Cambodia, and we will not achieve success in Afghanistan unless we contend with those two key influencers.

Maybe the real question is what are we doing in Afghanistan?