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We Won’t Be Fooled Again

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The title of this missive is indeed taken from the song by The Who. And it is rather relevant when you read the excerpt for which this post addresses. This week, yesterday, early voting started here in Texas for the Super Tuesday primary contest. In other words, we have begun the march towards the very decisive November 2020 elections. I know, we all hear the mantra, “this is the most important election in our lifetime.” Well, that is highly applicable for this 2020 cycle, the consequences? Just ask the liberty-loving patriots in Virginia.

I am one who believes, without a doubt, this election is for Republicans to lose. The progressive socialist left, aka, the Democrat party, is in disarray. They have no policy direction for our Constitutional Republic and only seek power, control, and the ability to institute their ideological agenda…by tyrannical means…again, ask Virginia. What does concern me, going into this election cycle, is the famous quote that seems to always find a way to relate to the Republican party, “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”. If there is one political party in these United States who can figure out a way to muck things up for themselves, yep, it is the Grand Ol’ Party, the GOP.

And sadly, I must present an example of such.

As reported by the Conservative Review:

“Senator Thom Tillis and other liberal Republicans are hell-bent on turning our rural communities into pipelines for cartel drug trafficking and criminal aliens. Rather than holding vote after vote on ridding our communities of sanctuary cities and dangerous criminal alien gangs and drug traffickers, liberal Republicans like Thom Tillis are working on, amazingly, more amnesty for illegal aliens. The North Carolina senator evidently doesn’t think that the Tar Heel State is turning blue like Virginia as quickly as he would like. He also believes that now that he lied about being tough on illegal immigration in order to get Trump’s endorsement and scare away a primary challenger, he can go back to screwing his voters.

Two GOP staffers have informed me that Sen. Tillis, along with Sens. James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), began working this Wednesday on an effort to get Trump’s support for a mass amnesty bill that passed the House last year. Rosemary Jenks, government relations director of Numbers USA, which is opposing the bill, confirmed to me that those are the three leaders of the potential bill in the Senate. Conservative HQ, a publication run by legendary conservative Richard Viguerie, reports that Tillis is expected to be the lead Senate sponsor and that Vice President Pence’s PAC is rumored to be supporting this bill. I’ve heard the same from my sources in the Senate as well.

Tillis has already publicly praised the bill, and according to my sources, has met with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, along with several other GOP senators, to plan support for the bill. Notably, nobody from the DHS was present at the meeting to offer the border security perspective on the bill.

On December 11, House Democrats passed the Orwellian-named Farm Workforce Modernization Act (H.R. 5038). In plain English, it grants amnesty to every illegal alien in this country who claims to have worked at least part-time for agriculture and creates an unlimited agriculture guest worker program for the future to bring in millions of low-skilled workers. The cultural and fiscal costs are never factored in. It permanently tethers green cards for people coming in on these H-2 visas to the condition of working in agriculture for 10 years, creating an indentured servant model that, as Mark Krikorian observes, will prevent farms from ever modernizing and mechanizing their process because of the boundless flow of cheap labor.

What is so offensive about this bill is that the very reason these people are in the country, to begin with, is because we were lied to, including by some of the very same members of Congress who were there in 1986. Back then, they gave amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens, including 1.1 million who worked in agriculture, on the promise that future illegal immigration would be choked off by prohibiting illegal alien work in America. They pocketed the amnesty and then turned around and downright blocked enforcement of any of the laws and today are openly criminalizing enforcement in sanctuary states while encouraging illegal alien employment.”

Look, am I for ensuring our farmers have a workforce, yep, but I want a legal workforce. I do not want to create the issues that we have been dealing with since 1986 a hundred times over.

As a matter of fact, why can’t we clean the streets in America of our homeless, finding those who have hit rock bottom not because of mental illness or drug addiction, but just because they lost a job, or hit a wrong turn? Why can we not develop an American farmworkers program and in essence start building on the next generation of agricultural workers and farmers?

I do not want to see our America become like ancient Rome and outsourcing to its outlying colonies. Why can’t we also develop a young people’s rural agriculture program? Instead of watching young boys and girls in our inner cities waste away and fall into the hands of gangs and other demeaning behaviors, get them out into America’s heartland and allow them to see another side of being productive. I seem to recall that this worked out very well at Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute which was founded by my ideological mentor, Booker T. Washington. Tuskegee became the frontrunner in Agricultural research and joint endeavors with local businesses…remember George Washington Carver?

If the GOP wants to depress voter turnout in this all-important election cycle, then pursue this folly. At a time when we have more issues with criminal illegal immigration and sanctuary states and cities, why would any GOP Senator take up this issue? Yes, I want to support our farmers, but this is not the path to take on this issue. Why are we not hearing about a farm guest worker program, seasonal, and those participating would have to return to their native land after six months to a year? No, you do not get to homestead in America, you must reapply. No, you do not get to have free taxpayer-funded benefits while on this guest program.

Yes, your sponsor employee is responsible for your actions, which, if a criminal, means an automatic deporting. We saw what happened with the illegal immigrant raid that occurred not too long ago in Mississippi. Guess what happened? Those jobs opened up to Americans, minorities, who should be working. Who should be Victors in their own way, and not made to be victims.

Then there is another pertinent point that perhaps these GOP Senators do no face, the criminal ramifications.

The push by a North Carolina senator, Thom Tillis, is especially jarring. I’ve reported on numerous cases of illegal alien sex offenders in North Carolina. According to the Epoch Times, one citizen in North Carolina collated criminal data from just 30 percent of North Carolina counties and found that in just the past 18 months, “more than 331 illegal aliens have been charged with 1,172 child rapes and child sexual assaults.”
Jobs in agriculture are the very magnet that was supposed to be shut off in exchange for the last amnesty. Why won’t Tillis ever consider the cultural, drug trafficking, and other criminal problems alongside the quest for cheaper labor? Why such a narrow focus?

Here, in my home state of Texas, we are number one in America for human and sex trafficking, Dallas and Houston are the top two cities. Dallas and Houston are both controlled by the left, who are the ones advocating for open borders and decriminalizing illegal border crossing. Why would any GOP Senators seem to align themselves with this scourge? Perhaps it is the lobby groups that are pressuring them, the daily quid pro quo that is Washington DC…advance our agenda and get campaign cash for your election efforts. This is what I despised the most about DC, and the political atmosphere of America. It is not so much about the interest of the American citizen, no, it is more so about the self and special interest of those who have become part of a political elite class.

That is not what our Founding Fathers intended, a professional political class . . . but, it is what we have allowed.

The Conservative Review article ends with a very prescient summary:

“The lesson for conservatives is we need to get to Trump before the swamp does. Otherwise, what is waiting for us on the other side of a victorious November election won’t be very victorious for the people who most ardently support the president.”

I could not agree any more. Let’s endeavor to not be fooled again.

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