The Word Tech Giants Don’t Want You Searching

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I love it when the progressive socialist left thinks constitutional conservatives are so dumb as to believe their lies. Sure, their false narratives — such as comparing Israel’s sanctions and boycotts to that of the US and Nazi Germany during World War II — may work on the mindless lemmings and useful idiots of the left, but not those of us with fully functioning brains. And, if there is one lie we are all aware of, it is the purposeful assault on the free speech rights of those who oppose the ideological agenda of the progressive socialist left. I do not think it coincidental that the rise of these so-called “tech” companies and social media monopolies are in the hands of leftists.

There can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama was behind the unleashing of the power of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) against the constitutional conservative grassroots movement, the Tea Party. And, the fact that the American taxpayers are funding a six-figure retirement check for one Lois Lerner should anger us all.

Now we have yet another blatant example of leftist censorship on social media, tech, platforms, and this one is personal.

As reported by Breitbart:

“Chad Robichaux, the founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, a faith-based organization that helps veterans, has shown evidence that Google blacklisted the term “Christian” from its Google Ads advertising platform, but the keyword “Muslim” is allowed to be included with no issues.

Robichaux told Breitbart News that banning faith-based keywords in advertising is “absolutely crippling” to the organization’s growth.
Recently, Chad Robichaux, a Force Reconnaissance Marine and founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, which helps military veterans dealing with PTSD, explained on social media that ads posted through Google Ads with the keyword “Christian” included were not allowed. Robichaux tested whether this applied to all religious language and references but found that the term “Muslim” was accepted by Google Ads with no issues. Robichaux’s initial tweet showing the “Christian” term being refused can be seen below:

Robichaux appeared on Breitbart News Tonight on Tuesday to discuss the incident and the other forms of censorship that his organization has faced.

He stated: “One of our YouTube videos might get like 2,000 views, and then we have someone like Allen West come on who’s got quite a bit of notoriety and we get, like, 60 views . . . I would assume there’s some suppression there, I can’t prove that but what I can prove is this ad, in particular, we’re talking about.”

Further discussing the banned “Christian” keyword, Robichaux stated: “Honestly, I hope I’m not on the radio station next week badgering them, I hope they do the right thing and change this policy.”

Here are the “smoking guns” in screenshots to prove the veracity of these claims:

Why is this personal? Because I sit on the Advisory Board of The Mighty Oaks Foundation. It is utterly disgusting and despicable to me that these damn progressive socialist jerks would censor a Christian, faith-based, organization that seeks to help our veterans and their families overcome the scourge of PTSD, TBI, and the trauma of long, incessant, deployments into combat zones safeguarding the freedoms these jackasses seek to restrict. Who are these skinny jean-wearing, latte-drinking rascals who are making these censorship determinations . . . in hiding?

Then they come out and offer us these weak apologies when they know exactly what they are doing, and why. This thing called Google is a public platform, a search engine. Who died and left them the arbitrators of what can and cannot be said in public forum? One would just have to believe that if Thomas Jefferson had posted the Declaration of Independence to Google upon its completion, it would have been rejected for including the words, Creator and Divine. Certainly, Betsy Ross would not have been able to advertise her flag on Google. Heck, the Apostle Paul would not have been allowed to advertise any of his letters.

I’m fairly certain that this missive is not going to make Google’s search engine results if you type in my name.

Let me make myself really clear here: Chad Robichaux and I come from families of generations of men who have served this country in combat. We revealed our legacy, lineage, of service, sacrifice, and commitment to this nation in our joint interview with former leftist, Dave Rubin, on The Rubin Report. I am the third of four generations and Chad is the second of three generations of Army and Marine combat veterans. We earned our right to free speech and expression. Only a bunch of stuck on stupid cowards at Google would believe that they have some absurd right to restrict that which we have earned with our sweat and blood.

If you think for one doggone minute I will allow this real fascist mentality to ever rise, again, to national power, dominance, in the United States, then you, too, are stuck on stupid. I will fight this until my last dying breath and I will rise up a new generation to fight this tyranny before I pass onto Valhalla and join my American combat veteran Brothers and Sisters who have gone on before me.

This week’s unequivocal recipient of our “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition is Google. Once again they got caught, and we will no longer accept the lame excuse about being unintentional. It is most truly intentional. Some human is setting these algorithms and targeting certain words.

As we move on towards the November 2020 election, let’s be more and more aware of the manipulation of our freedoms, rights, and liberties by these Silicon Valley Fascists.

Yes, I am a Christian Constitutional Conservative, and I am pissed off. Word to the little boys of Google, I am a former US Army Paratrooper and Chad Robichaux is a former Reconnaissance Marine and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion. Toxic masculinity in the form of American patriotism runs through our veins, and we ain’t gonna take your crap!

As drill sergeants would say, “Men, you can’t fix stupid, you can only seek to prevent it from spreading.” No more of these antics, Google, we will call y’all out at each and every turn and prevent your stupid fascism from spreading.

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